Legacy Plus is a leading provider of commercial auto insurance

Founded by Michael J. Cagley.

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The story

How our agency got started


Michael joins Cagley Insurance

Michael starts working for the family business, where he writes his very first commercial insurance policy.


Michael moves to Centerpointe

Michael joins another nationwide agency who tasks him with building their towing and repossession programs.


Michael forms Legacy Plus

Michael opens his own business to provide personalized service to the repo, tow and transport industries.

The reviews

What our clients say about us

Working with Legacy Plus has been the best choice for my sanity and our business. Michael has always provided us with a level of service that has far exceeded the industry standard. His level of integrity and sense of urgency when the stakes are high is what has always kept us returning year after year. There was one year when we left Legacy because we were offered a better price by another agency. Let me tell you, that was a long year… couldn’t wait to get back to Legacy by the time the year was up. When it came time to quote for the next year, Michael did so with courtesy, welcomed us back and came in quite close to our lowest bid. However, there was no second thought about paying a bit more for his services and the peace of mind that we have by choosing Legacy Plus as our insurance broker. Thank you Michael! To many more happy years together…

Erin Housey, Recovery Management Solutions

Michael Cagley, thank you for the past 10 years handling our insurance needs and always providing us with A-rated insurance at the best possible price. Moreover your customer care and industry knowledge of a repossessor’s needs is very satisfying. I love the fact that I can contact you via email or phone and you respond right away. Thank you again and I look forward to another wonderful year.

Terri Stocks, Action Auto Recovery

I would highly recommend Michael Cagley at Legacy Plus as we have received the best service the past few years than I ever had in the years before. If I ask for any paperwork I have it within minutes. Michael is always there to answer my calls (no being put on hold or message machines) and taking care of all my needs immediately. I would refer him to anyone. And if anyone needed a verbal recommendation I can be reached at the number below.

Heidi Doyle, Daybreak Auto Recovery, 707-823-6878

I had insurance with another company for 8 years previously and was very unhappy. Whenever I would call them either for a certificate or a question I was bounced around to different people and made to feel stupid & bothersome once I finally did get someone on the phone. I can’t express enough the difference in my experience after switching to Legacy Plus. It was like night & day. Michael ALWAYS answers his phone when I contact him. Whenever I need a certificate its done within minutes & when I initially signed up with him everything was explained in detail. The best part is the $6,000.00 difference in price for the same coverage. I highly recommend him & I guarantee you will not be disappointed in the customer service or the price. This is the right Cagley to go to!

Nicole Wallace, LTS Repossession Specialist
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